Monica Flakk – The reading of time

Norwegian artist Monica Flakk (1988) from Øye in Sundmøre has just finished her master at Oslo Nationale Academy of the Arts in Oslo. In her artistic work the stone is the axis. Her work begins with the collection of physical stone material from her home Øye or from construction sites in Oslo. The stone is taken further into the workshop where it goes through a casting process that will gives an accurate plaster of the stone’s shape and texture.

When I think of  a stone, I think of a fragment of something fundamental and at the same time something unpretentious.  A stone that moves slowly across time, with an unidentified endpoint. Time has left its mark, and the stone is a witness of this time” – Monica Flakk









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Photo ©Monica Flakk

Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen: AW14

The norwegian label Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen was founded in 2004 by Eva Emanuelsen who is an esteemed fashion designer, buyer and entrepreneur. She designs ready to wear collections with an emphasis on tailored garments. The collections are minimalistic and timeless, with tailored, essential cuts. Eva Emanuelsen targets city women who acknowledge the value of design, looking for a clear style with an international feeling. The perfect marriage of appearance and personality.






Pictures from Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen


Norwegian bloggers for ICONIC

Norwegian bloggers Nathalie Helgerud and Marie Murstad are fronting ICONIC shoes by dna. They are styled as their own icons. Marie as Kate Moss and Nathalie Birgitte Bardot.

ICONIC is dna‘s very own quality brand, which consists of shoes that are trendy, simple, powerful, clean and timeless. Here you will find the sesons most important musthavs and strongest trends. The  shoes are versatile and easy to match with any outfit.

Marie Murstad

 For me, biker boots is a timeless classics that can be used all year round. Either laid back with jeans or tone down a cute summer dress. The best thing about the shoes is that the leather gets even finer the more you use them. I have chosen to style the ICONIC bikerboots as Kate Moss has done in decades.- Marie Murstad.

Nathalie Helgerud

Choosing a style icon that represents what I stands for was an easy choice, Brigitte Bardot has a way of being that has always fascinated me. A little shy, but also playful and elegant, something I could recognize in my self. She is also timeless and beautiful to look at, and for me beautiful shoes never goes out of fashion. The shoe I have chosen from the DNA‘s Iconic is the perfect everyday and party boot which always is important to have! -Nathalie Helgerud

ICONIC collection is found in all DNA stores now.


BOE Inspire: Time rocker

Boe Inspire is a new fashion brand from Norway and appeals to those who dare to follow their dreams. The Brand call upon everyone to seize opportunities whether its jumping of a cliff wearing a wingsuit or watching the crowd screaming against your stage. Or simply daring two ask your future babe for a date. Behind the brand stands three Norwegian fishermen – Sigve Bø, Tor Andreas Bø and Ola Bø and Karl von Lithander from Sweden. The idea behind Boe Inspire came on a dark and stormy autumn evening aboard a fishing boat in the Barents Sea in 2012, and the consept was to make watches and clothing inspired by their experiences as sailors, but also as artists, adventurous and musicians. Their  first collection was launched in August 2014 and named Boe Fishermans club and is inspired by the marine life. Their collections consists of watches  caps and everyday clothing.

 ” On top of the world. Fishing. Working hard. Enjoying every moment. A lot of moments. Moments of fun, moments of joy and moments of disaster. This made us to who we are today. BOE is about catching these opportunities. To be inspired by the world around us”.


Uten navn




Pictures from Boe Inspire

In January 2015 they are launching their first clothing collection. As will mainly consist of blazers with details in fish skins, hats, t-shirts. As well as a new clock variation.
Check out their consept video her:


Kjetil Aas: The White Shirt Project

The design competition DANSK Design Talent – The Magasin Prize, created by DANSK Magazine and the grand Danish department store Magasin, is being held for the second year in a row. The competition, which was held for the first time in 2013, focuses on promoting the new young designers of tomorrow.

Norwegian Kjetil Aas, co-founder and head of design at Armoire d´homme/Armoire de femme, is one of this years nominees – designing a capsule collection for the Danish up and coming hiphop artist Sivas. With inspiration from the classic mens wardrobe staples, such as the white shirt, mixed with the casualness of Sivas´ look, he has created a capsule collection called “The White Shirt Project”.

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Picture from Kjetil Aas

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