A/BARENESS – Timeless and conscious

A/BARENESS was founded by Karoline Hestnes og Ann-Marthe Fossum and is a “slow” Fashion brand based in Nepal and Norway. They both have worked within different fields of the fashion industry and traveled the world together. They ended up in Nepal because of an exchange program with the Norwegian Peace Corps, and while they were completing their tasks and preparing to go back to Norway they realized that their mission in Nepal was far from completed and A/BARENESS came to life.

 Their designs are a fusion of elements from their adventures, experiences and everyday life in Nepal and Norway and the typical clean Scandinavian style. Their focus is making wearable, timeless and seasonless clothing and accessories in an ethical and environmental conscious manner. Everything is handmade in Nepal and they use materials such as brass, silver, cashmere, silk, yak- and merino wool. With every product sold from A/BARENESS, five Norwegian kroner goes to various water projects at the Maya Universe Academy in Nepal which is the only private school providing children with free education.

 Their design mantra is the famous quote by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent:

 “Fashions fade, style is eternal”

Abareness_Paisha_Pendant_Karisma_400nok_price for pendant only

Abareness_Mukti_Ring_500nok_price for 3 pieces





Pictures from A/BARENESS 

Catalysta, a newly launched Digizine have followed  A/BARENESS and 4 others internasjonal “Slow Fashion” brands to show how their workday are and what inspire them.

See the video here:


Anniken Askeland

Anniken Askeland is a creative and curious artist who is inspired by people, New York, music and animals. She especially loves dogs and elephants, dogs because they are strange and different, elephants because they are beautiful and soulful. Anniken is a graduate of the fashion school ESMOD, but found her way to the art world after a few years in the clothing business. She loves what she does and  wants to create joy and happiness with here pictures.

“For me it’s all about creating! And I especially like creating happiness for others, and I love to bring out the personality of my motives “. Anniken Askeland







illustrations  by ©Anniken Askeland

In Addition to her one work she also does portrait commissions of people and animals.

She sells paintings and prints at Vanessa Cardui as well as some other shops. Images are also available on her website pennogpensel.no and her soon to open site annikenaskeland.com.

Arnie Says: FALL 2014

Norwegian clothing brand Arnie Says: offers casual clothing you easily can fall in love with! Now the label is out with trendy and cozy fall collection.

Brisbane Offwhite (kr 1.800,-)

Hilly Blue (kr 900,-)

Cate Black Melange (Kr. 1200,-) Alexis Mole Grey (kr 1.600,-) Roxy grey melange ( Kr.1400,-) Henriette White Melange ( Kr. 1.800,-)

Pictures from Arnie Says:

Check out their collection on Miinto.no 

ARC and Diamond festival – Scandinavian Music Week

The ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) is creation of Scandinavian Music Week  in April 26 – May 3, 2015.  A live and online event to celebrate Nordic music and culture.

ARC is a not-for-profit archive, music library and research center located in New York City since 1985. ARC`s mission is to collect and preserve all forms of music from around the world and is the largest popular music collection in the world with over two million sound recordings. Their first World Music Day was in 2011 celebrating Islamic music and culture. Brazilian Music Day in 2012 and Indian Music Week in 2013.

Now ARC is seeking partners and sponsors to the Scandinavian Music Week in 2015. See here how you can contribute!

music W


This week Diamond Club and ACT Entertainment presents in cooperation with Musikknyheter.no The Diamond Festival, a festival that will celebrate and introduce new Norwegian music talents that they belive will affect the nexst Norwegian music year.


The festival will take place at Vulcan Arena in Oslo August 29 to 30.

Fredag 29.08
21:30 Tellef Raabe // Hovedscenen
22:00 Stereopol // Pokalsalen
22:30 Ine Hoem // Hovedscenen
23:00 Fay Wildhagen // Pokalsalen
23:30 Ondt Blod // Hovedscenen
00:00 Lugn // Pokalsalen
00:30 Slutface // Hovedscenen
01:15 Boska // Pokalsalen
02:00 Rytmeklubben // Hovedscenen
02:15 Funkin Matt // Pokalsalen
Lørdag 30.08
21:30 No. 4 // Hovedscenen
22:00 Silja Sol // Pokalsalen
22:30 Kasket Club // Hovedscenen
23:00 Marble Pools // Pokalsalen
23:30 Psyence Fiction // Hovedscenen
00:00 Sigrid Raabe // Pokalsalen
00:30 Kid Astray // Hovedscenen
01:15 Bearson // Pokalsalen
02:00 Get Dancy! // Hovedscenen
02:15 Drippin // Pokalsalen